Cabinet/Furniture Portfolio, Tree Slice Shop

Our cabinetry portfolio has a sampling of our previous projects as well as construction details.   We have had the chance to work with designers and homeowners to create some really unique, personalized projects. We have a great reputation with our contractors for our excellent execution of the design and superior craftsmanship.  The ease of installation of perfectly measured, furniture quality boxes keep our contractors loyal and happy.     When you’ve browsed through these past projects, call us to see what we can do for your home.  We start from a basic design that anyone can afford and take it as far as the clients desire.

We make limited, one of a kind furniture which can be purchased directly from our website as well.  Rustic Walnut with Turquoise inlay dining table and benches, Hickory with carved stars, distressed Alder and Douglas Fir, big blue bunk beds, stick work desks and bookcases are just some of our most recent creations.   We have rare woods and creative imaginations.

Browse through our vast selection of tree slices.  The are incredibly beautiful and useful.  They warm up a house with their natural beauty and make great gifts for all sorts of occasions.  Made from our local trees like Standing Dead Aspen, Douglas Fir, Western Juniper, Cottonwood, and Spruce – no two are alike.  The grain patterns on the slices have to be seen to be believed.  All our slices are finished with the same  processes and finishes that our cabinets and furniture get.  Place mats, wall art, trivets, plant stands, coasters, serving plates, and centerpieces are just some of the great uses for these little gems.